wdk's tasks

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German Rubber Manufacturers Association

wdk is the organization of the German manufacturers of tyres and technical elastomers products. Gauged by the annual sales of its members – amounting to € 11.7 bn in 2017 – wdk represents about 85 % of the German rubber industry.

wdk "in a nutshell"

 wdk is the organization of the German manufacturers of tyres and technical elastomers.

It supports its approximately 120 ordinary member companies in maintaining and expanding their international competitiveness and technological leadership in the world.

More than 40 key suppliers to the rubber processing industry are also affiliated with wdk as associate members.

wdk represents about 85% of the German rubber industry in terms of industry turnover of just under € 11.7 bn in 2017.

The tasks

The wdk works jointly with its members on economic and technical issues.

It organizes the specialist and managerial dialogue and coordinates the industry's interests.

Its more than 30 commercial and technical working groups cover all its product groups with all their diversity.

Advising its member companies and influencing any planned EU directives and national regulations and proactive observation of projects are core tasks of wdk.

It relieves its member companies from public obligations, bringing about synergies and promoting cross-company cooperation.

All staff at wdk shall comply with all statutory duties and respect all statutory prohibitions. In addition, all actions by staff shall comply with prescribed company directives, values, morals and ethics.